Back from your Holidays - Here's how to fight the stress.


Come combattere lo stress da rientro dalle vacanze

The re-entry stress from vacation is a common syndrome that affects many people who have to go back to the usual routine after they "pulled the plug" for a specified period.

Resuming the usual habits is not easy: some take days and often feel anxious and affected by re-entry stress.

There are several symptoms: fatigue, restlessness, anxiety, headaches and muscle pains. There are several remedies to make it all less traumatic: such as going to the gym, healthy sleep, proper nutrition, being outdoors.

In addition to these we can help the body, through supplements: for example to balance the sleep wake rhythm it is advisable to use melatonin or a relaxing herbal tea Phyto Night.

In case of physical fatigue, it is advisable to help the body with magnesium and vitamins (RDA VIT Plus), MAY 4; or Rhodiola and Eleuthero, supplements of adaptogenic plants against stress and fatigue.

The skin also after the holiday needs care, it is stressed and once the tan is gone what's left is a dry skin, with an uneven complexion and tired.

Here too we can take action both internally through milk enzymes that help to re-hydrate the body again, as well as to purify it as: ecoflora mix-flora and ecogermina but also externaly through cosmetic lines that best suits your needs such as the protective and soothing line for dry and brittle skin or the Chrono line that contrasts the different signs of aging, also the premium line for a deep repair.

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