Night Therapy for Muscles

terapia di notte con le fasce muscolari

The therapeutic groups MY MOBILITAS are medical devices, next-generation, designed to relieve muscle aches - skeletal. The causes of These pains are multiple:
  - Climate change (wet cold climate);
  - Lifting weights in wrong ways;
  - Muscle inflammation;
  - Arthrosis.

In these cases there are two ways to act on the pain and inflammation: use the classic anti-inflammatory drugs or act with heat.
In any case, the first method does not exclude the use of the second. MY MOBLITAS offers a range of 12 different self-heating bands. The various models meet all possible variables of joint pain (PAIN CERVICAL, DORSAL, LUMBAR, SHOULDERS, ELBOW, WRIST, HAND, KNEE AND ANKLE). The analgesic action is based on vasodilation, which in turn produces an influx of blood. The heat induces relaxation of the underlying tissue which in turn has an analgesic effect. This mechanism has been borne out by university and on the basis of rigorous scientific tests it was determined that the heat (at least 40 ° C) acts at the level of molecules (such as a drug) by turning off the reflex arc that the body sends to the brain.

The therapeutic groups MY MOBILITAS relieve joint pain and back exercising effective pressure micro-massage and a gentle self-warming action. The MY MOBILITAS bands must be worn overnight. Of knee, elbow, ankle, hand and wrist bands must be worn in pairs.
Clinical studies have shown a good tolerability and a significant reduction in pain in 78% of patients, while 19% have expressed total DISAPPEARANCE. The therapeutic bands MY MOBILITAS may be employed in any form of physical and pharmacological therapy. They are composed of three parts: a very soft outer part, a central foam and an inner part (the one that is in contact with the skin), polyester. Equipped with straps or Velcro closures, the My Mobilitas have a good fit and fit well to fisico.Le bands must be worn before going to bed and kept overnight. This is because the pressure of the body against the device produces a micro massage vasoactive which develops heat. And the heat, you know, relieve the pains of this nature. The micro-massage of My Mobilitas has been compared by experts to manual massage, then (at least in theory) also promise draining and decongestant useful qualdo the joint is swollen. In addition, being equipped with a soft padding are able to absorb any shock or vibration that represent the true critical in acute pain.

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