L'Amande Soleil Crema Solare Spf20 150ml

sunscreen for medium-light skin. It provides effective protection against sunburn and premature aging of the skin hydrating long.

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MINSAN 932525355

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Manufacturer: L'AMANDE

It contains the extract of organically grown lavender marine certified, with strong anti-aging functions and anti oxidants; The unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil, with emollient, which helps fight free radicals also carrying out a photo-protective. It contains rice oil, rich in Gamma oryzanol (a natural UVA filter) and Vitamin E from the antioxidant. Skin compatibility dermatologically tested. • WITH LAVENDER EXTRACT MARINA • PROTECTS AGAINST UVA, UVB AND IR • Parabens FREE • NO PEG • SILICONES FREE • NO MINERAL OIL