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 INTIMINA was created to care for the needs of women's initmate hygiene.

Experts of the female well-being face all the intimate aspects, devoting care and attention, providing the most reliable range of products for women today. Supervised by a multidisciplinary team of doctors and first order professionals (gynecologists, dermatologists, reproductive specialists).

Was founded in Sweden in 2009 has spread online worldwide. It remains strictly faithful to three elements:
• The highest standards of quality;
• complete medical knowledge;
• underwear health improvement of women, with practical solutions.

Balls for Kegel exercises

The pelvic muscles are crucial for the control of the bladder and intestines, for a healthy pregnancy and for the maintenance of the vaginal tone. Common health problems such as incontinence, loss of vaginal or pelvic tone can now be addressed and resolved. Since one in three women suffer from pelvic floor disorders the protection of intimate health is critical.
The balls Laselle for Kegel exercises help to:
• PREVENT and TREAT incontinence;
• PREPARE to a healthy pregnancy;
• RESTORE and RESTORE the strength and tone of the pelvic floor after childbirth;
• INCREASE the sensitivity of both partners during intimate moments.

It is the perfect solution to prevent or overcome the pelvic floor disorders: helps to effectively maintain the tone of the pelvic floor in a convenient, discreet and practical way.

It provides comprehensive and customized training solutions available in 3 weights:
• 28 g LIGHT RESISTANCE, ideal for women with weak pelvic floor or for beginners;
• 38 g RESISTANCE MEDIA, suitable for women who have already performed Kegel exercises without weights;
• 48 g HIGH STRENGTH, perfect for women who have already performed Kegel exercises with weights and for advance training.

It strengthens the pelvic floor at every stage of a woman's life:
 - For women of all ages: PREVENT CARE and incontinence; PREVENTS and REDUCES the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse; It improves the sensitivity and toning REINFORCING.
 - For mothers to be: STRENGTHENS and PREPARE your core muscles for a healthy pregnancy; It helps maintain CONTINENCE during pregnancy; RECOVERY accelerates the pelvic floor after childbirth.
 - For new mothers: Retrieve and RESTORE the tone of the pelvic floor; STRENGTHENS and TONES for greater elasticity.
 - Pre and post menopausal: PREVENT CARE and incontinence; PREVENTS the pelvic organ prolapse and symptoms associated with menopause.


Lily Cup
It is a new generation product for the menstrual cycle: a menstrual cup silicone ULTRA SOFT and REUSABLE. Inspired by nature, the thin and flexible form provides maximum comfort and convenience during the cycle and adapts to the most ABUNDANT flows and for the lighter ones for 12-hour protection.

The intimate care of each woman requires special care and attention which is why The menstrual cup, designed to fit a busy lifestyle, is  becoming the choice of thousands of women. Totally free of chemicals, bleaches or fibers that may cause sensitivity or allergic reactions, Lily Cup is washable and reusable. With Lily Cup not only you save, but likely limit your impact on the environment.

Every woman loves to feel good and safe every day of the month, and that's why Lily Cup is the best alternative to sanitary napkins. HARVESTING rather than to ABSORB menstrual flow, it prevents the menstrual fluid exposed to air, ensuring a ODORLESS cycle. Lily Cup is even more AFFORDABLE and can be used up to 12 hours in a row, without having to be changed regularly.

Every woman lives a different cycle, Lily Cup is available in two sizes. Choosing the right one ensures a better fit and greater protection:
• MEASURE A for women who have not given birth or had a Caesarean section;
• MEASURE B for women who have given birth naturally or have a weak pelvic floor.

Lily Cup is ULTRA FLEXIBLE EXTRA THIN to ensure easy insertion.


KegelSmart is a revolutionary way of doing kegel exercises. Just like a personal trainer, set a series of simple exercises, safe and fully tailor-made for you.

Developed with the support of a Medical Advisory Board, which includes pelvic health experts and Gynecologists, KegelSmart is an innovative device that make it easy to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The evolved version of the spheres for Kegel exercises (Laselle) was created to facilitate the pelvic exercise.

What makes it so intelligent is:
• The measurement of pelvic floor strength (every time you train measures and stores the strength of the pelvic muscles);
• Sets the level automatically (based on the strength of the muscles measured by the KegelSmart, sets the exercises to the level which is best suited for you.
• Program guided by the vibrations

The smart program then automatically changes the level of training so that your strength increases over time. Let KegelSmart guide you.

Contract when it vibrates, rest when it stops; the exclusive program of vibrations will take you through five progressive levels. Easy to use for a complete and effective workout in less than 5 minutes a day. 

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