INTIMINA Lily Cup Misura A

INTIMINA Lily Cup Misura A
Lily Cup Coppetta reusable menstrual ultra soft silicone. Collects the flow such as gray collects raindrops. MEASURE: A for those who have given birth or had a Caesarean section.

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MINSAN 925929958

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Manufacturer: INTIMINA

Its thin and flexible form gives maximum comfort and convenience during the cycle. It provides a long-lasting protection and is also suitable for the most abundant flows for 12 hours, eliminating the need for change. anti spills edge: the slightly inclined shape of the edge facilitates the removal; by gently pressing the base of the cup, the inclined edge will allow air to enter in equal measure from each side of the cup releasing the seal of the seal. The edge anti payment can be easily stretched to facilitate cleaning. Silicone 100% safe for the body: especially useful to women who have previously had allergic reactions caused by traditional products. Lily Cup does not contain bleaches or fragrances, fibers or other irritants. Vein for easy insertion: is reinforced by a "rib" more rigid structural, more dense silicon, which facilitates the insertion ulteriormentene. Moreover, the rib is designed and positioned in such a way as not to be perceived when the cup is worn. Available in 2 sizes: Size A, diameter 40 mm, length 77 mm, capacity 20 ml. The measure is mainly determined by the anatomy and had pregnancies, but there are also other factors to consider to find the right fit. The menstrual flow is not a determining factor in the choice of measure, as Lily Cup is designed to be removed and emptied as often as is necessary. Including packet antibattterica and anti stain specifically designed .. Format Pack 1 workpiece A (for those who have given birth and has not had a cesarean delivery.