Products for health and hygiene of the eyes, nose and ears.


Health & Beauty section offers information on products for the eyes, nose and ears with particular attention to hygiene and care, keeping always clean the eyes, nose and ears is essential for proper body hygiene. For the eyes we can find eye drops, saline solutions, eye drops, solutions for contact lenses and disposable wipes. Solutions for the nose free, specifically spray and liquid solutions, patches and nasal aspirators for adults and children (pediatric use). Ear earphones offer drops and sprays for the inner ear wash that allows for removal of earwax for adults and children. And even wide range of muffled cotton bud sticks for daily cleaning.


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benexè occhi soluzione unica 5...

Benexè Soluzione Unica è un prodotto unico per eseguire tutte le operazioni di manutenzion...

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Cerumina Spray 15Ml

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Cerumina Spray 15Ml

Sprays for earwax cap dissolution / prevention for the restoration and maintenance of the ...

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Avantgarde Gruppo Sigma Tau - DEBROX GOCCE 15ML



Gocce auricolari predosate che liberano l'orecchio dal tappo di cerume e ne prevengono la ...

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