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Food supplement with glutamine, Boswellia, Nucleotides, Vine, Zinc and Vitamin B2. Profit for the welfare of the intestinal mucosal barrier.

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Food supplement with glutamine, Boswelia, Nucleotides, Vine, Zinc and Vitamin B2. Profit for the welfare of the intestinal mucosal barrier.

The amino acid glutamine is the most represented in the body and participates in numerous functions. In particular, it promotes the growth, proliferation and survival of erythrocytes, contribuibuendo maintaining the intestinal barrier in times of catabolic stess and maintain the redox state.

Boswellia is utilizzta as a remedy for chronic inflammatory diseases with immunological or allergic pathogenesis. Recent studies have dimostarato a specific protective activity of intestinal epithelial cells.

The Nucleotides, the CEH bricks make up DNA and RNA, have the ability to repair the damaged intestinal barrier and favor the functionality preserving the growth of epithelial cells. Their action is enhanced by association with Glutamine.

The Vine, a major source of polyphenol flavonoids and proanthocyanidins, has an antioxidant effect, protects the endothelium and stimulates the production of certain proteins chelo hold together.
Zinc participates in maintaining the integrity of the intestinal barrier, to improving the permeability and protection from damage induced by alcohol in the stomach and intestine.
Vitamin B2 is the precursor of some essential cofactors for cellular energy processes and glutathione, helping the body's antioxidant activity.

L-Glutamine, maltodextrin, boswellia (Boswellia serrata Roxb., Gum resin) titrated tit. to 65% boswellic acids tot., aromas, mix of nucleotides, acidity regulator: tartaric acid; red grape (Vitis vinifera L., seeds) titrated tit. to 95% in proanthocyanidins, sweetener: steviol glycosides; zinc L-pidolate, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide; Vitamin B2 (riboflavin).
Gluten free.
Of course free of lactose.

Restore the gut mucosal barrier
Strong antioxidant
Modulation of Immune Response

It is recommended to take 1 sachet a day, mixed in a glass of water (200 ml) or other beverages.