The DECLÉOR solar fluid and it's irresistible texture, represent a line of preparatory treatments, protective and soothing based on organic active ingredients targeted, carefully selected, offering the skin a real COCKTAIL ENERGISER able to combine sun and security.

1. PREPARE (tanning activators sera)
The AROMESSENCE SOLAIRE associate Essential Oils of Chamomile, Geranium and Rose Oils Carrot and Buriti Plant to help prepare the skin for sun exposure and to develop a uniform and long-lasting tan.
The self-tanning, a refined combination of unique plant extracts and tanning active ingredients, gives progressively, and before exposure, natural and long-lasting tan.

2. PROTECT (barrier creams)
The sun's energy, extracted from Vanilla and Rea from Tahiti, protects the skin from sun exposure. Complex ADN Protect, strengthened by filters UVA / UVB and Jasmine Extracts, it protects cells and prevents skin aging. In addition, the anti-aging complex Sol-Collagenine helps skin stay young by combating wrinkles and expression lines.

3. SOOTHE (after sun balms)
It is a cocktail of soothing plant extracts and nutrients so that the skin regains health after exposure to the sun: Extracts of Wild Mango Butter, the jujube fruit, melon and Talapetraka. Essential Oils of Neroli, Frankincense and Geranium act in synergy with Argan Vegetable Oils, Jojoba and Avocado to repair the skin and ensure a tan LONG, LIGHT and UNIFORM!

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