For over a century L'Amande is synonymous with quality in the tradition, the great tradition of Mediterranean soap making. Company uses only the best oils, perfumes and essences of our land, by virtue of specific olfactory and phytocosmetic: olive oil, real gold of the Mediterranean and the sweet almond oil; broom, strawberry, blackberry plants typical of the Mediterranean; honeysuckle and hawthorn that scent the country lanes adorning the typical dry-stone walls; the pitosforo now an integral part of the same landscape of the Riviera and many others. Scents and sensations of a land where the sea breeze blends with the warm notes sometimes flowery, sometimes as much fruit of a generous nature in every season, where plants, herbs and flowers fill paths, hills and even cliffs.

L'Amande has formulations specific for male skin, supplemented by extracts of juniper, coriander, basil and saffron, wild plants present in our country from the flavoring properties, purifying and toning.

Rich in delicate vegetable ingredients, help to keep the skin hydrated and supple skin, preventing aging of the skin. They also offer a perfect shave and a scented detergent giving relaxing moments.

Zafferano, the first L'Amande line entirely dedicated to men, with natural extracts of saffron and basil from toning and biodinamizzanti, is proposed with a modern packaging with warm orange and blue hues.

The fragrance, decidedly masculine though not classic, is rich and round thanks to the citrus notes of mandarin and lemon head that stand out on a lightly floral bouquet center. Complete it the most intense base notes of teak wood and wood, musk and amber.

Formulated with quality ingredients is a line indicated for cleansing and shaving of all skin types, even the most delicate.

L'Amande Homme line does not contain SLS / SLES.


Night Therapy for Muscles

terapia di notte con le fasce muscolari

The therapeutic groups MY MOBILITAS are medical devices, next-generation, designed to relieve muscle aches - skeletal. The causes of These pains are multiple:
  - Climate change (wet cold climate);
  - Lifting weights in wrong ways;
  - Muscle inflammation;
  - Arthrosis.

In these cases there are two ways to act on the pain and inflammation: use the classic anti-inflammatory drugs or act with heat.
In any case, the first method does not exclude the use of the second. MY MOBLITAS offers a range of 12 different self-heating bands. The various models meet all possible variables of joint pain (PAIN CERVICAL, DORSAL, LUMBAR, SHOULDERS, ELBOW, WRIST, HAND, KNEE AND ANKLE). The analgesic action is based on vasodilation, which in turn produces an influx of blood. The heat induces relaxation of the underlying tissue which in turn has an analgesic effect. This mechanism has been borne out by university and on the basis of rigorous scientific tests it was determined that the heat (at least 40 ° C) acts at the level of molecules (such as a drug) by turning off the reflex arc that the body sends to the brain.

The therapeutic groups MY MOBILITAS relieve joint pain and back exercising effective pressure micro-massage and a gentle self-warming action. The MY MOBILITAS bands must be worn overnight. Of knee, elbow, ankle, hand and wrist bands must be worn in pairs.
Clinical studies have shown a good tolerability and a significant reduction in pain in 78% of patients, while 19% have expressed total DISAPPEARANCE. The therapeutic bands MY MOBILITAS may be employed in any form of physical and pharmacological therapy. They are composed of three parts: a very soft outer part, a central foam and an inner part (the one that is in contact with the skin), polyester. Equipped with straps or Velcro closures, the My Mobilitas have a good fit and fit well to fisico.Le bands must be worn before going to bed and kept overnight. This is because the pressure of the body against the device produces a micro massage vasoactive which develops heat. And the heat, you know, relieve the pains of this nature. The micro-massage of My Mobilitas has been compared by experts to manual massage, then (at least in theory) also promise draining and decongestant useful qualdo the joint is swollen. In addition, being equipped with a soft padding are able to absorb any shock or vibration that represent the true critical in acute pain.



The DECLÉOR solar fluid and it's irresistible texture, represent a line of preparatory treatments, protective and soothing based on organic active ingredients targeted, carefully selected, offering the skin a real COCKTAIL ENERGISER able to combine sun and security.

1. PREPARE (tanning activators sera)
The AROMESSENCE SOLAIRE associate Essential Oils of Chamomile, Geranium and Rose Oils Carrot and Buriti Plant to help prepare the skin for sun exposure and to develop a uniform and long-lasting tan.
The self-tanning, a refined combination of unique plant extracts and tanning active ingredients, gives progressively, and before exposure, natural and long-lasting tan.

2. PROTECT (barrier creams)
The sun's energy, extracted from Vanilla and Rea from Tahiti, protects the skin from sun exposure. Complex ADN Protect, strengthened by filters UVA / UVB and Jasmine Extracts, it protects cells and prevents skin aging. In addition, the anti-aging complex Sol-Collagenine helps skin stay young by combating wrinkles and expression lines.

3. SOOTHE (after sun balms)
It is a cocktail of soothing plant extracts and nutrients so that the skin regains health after exposure to the sun: Extracts of Wild Mango Butter, the jujube fruit, melon and Talapetraka. Essential Oils of Neroli, Frankincense and Geranium act in synergy with Argan Vegetable Oils, Jojoba and Avocado to repair the skin and ensure a tan LONG, LIGHT and UNIFORM!

FOREO for deep and delicate facial CLEANING

Foreo pulizia viso 

Device that ensures a deep and delicate facial CLEANING and at the same time reduces the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

T-Sonic technology: sonic pulse transdermal.

Up to 8000 pulses per minute and rounded Silicone bristles help REMOVE impurities and pores for a softer and cleaner skin.

Anti-aging mode: the low frequency pulse should be concentrated on areas prone to wrinkles and expression lines and will help reduce them.

Available in 3 models, with soft rounded silicone bristles positioned so as to adapt to different types of skin: for sensitive skin / normal, for mixed skin and for ultra-sensitive skin.

sport integratori per lo sport aminoacidi ramificati 

Supplements are drinks, powder preparations, chewable tablets at different concentrations and chemical-physical compositions that help to restore the correct levels of mineral salts lost through perspiration during normal physical activity or after a physical effort made in unfavorable external conditions.

Usually the basic formulation is composed of sodium, chlorine, potassium and magnesium.

A major cause of summer illness is excessive sweating. Sweating, the human body, expels a greater amount of water and mineral salts indispensable for the functioning of organs.

The food supplement, taken in the form of drinks, tablets and sachets of granules, restore normal levels of mineral salts in the body allowing, to avoid consequences due to excessive sweating, prolonged physical effort.

Magnesium is essential, together with calcium and phosphorus, for a strong and healthy skeletal system, it is responsible for the formation of urea, the product of the digestion of the amino acids, it is at the base of neuromuscular transmission, and of nervous impulses.

The daily requirement for a man is 350 mg while for women is 300 mg. (These figures are for a man and a woman between 30 and 45 years of age). In case of pregnancy and lactation, the daily requirements for a woman's body, rises up to 450 mg.
A deficiency of this element causes painful uncontrollable cramps and spasms in the limbs, digestive problems, weakness, increased sensitivity to pain, painful menstruation, tremors and loss of coordination in the movements.

Potassium, along with sodium, is crucial to maintain the balance of the acid base, therefore, proper intake it is important. A shortage of potassium, can have an important impact on the heart muscle, leading to episodes of hypertension precisely for the accumulation of sodium in the cells.
Potassium stimulates the kidneys in urine production and thus combats water retention, swollen legs and accumulation of harmful metabolic waste in the limbs. Potassium deficiency leads to the immediate weakness, tremors, tachycardia, muscle cramps, swelling of the limbs and loss of muscle tone.
Magnesium and potassium are minerals which undergo a major decline in the human body during sweating.




 INTIMINA was created to care for the needs of women's initmate hygiene.

Experts of the female well-being face all the intimate aspects, devoting care and attention, providing the most reliable range of products for women today. Supervised by a multidisciplinary team of doctors and first order professionals (gynecologists, dermatologists, reproductive specialists).

Was founded in Sweden in 2009 has spread online worldwide. It remains strictly faithful to three elements:
• The highest standards of quality;
• complete medical knowledge;
• underwear health improvement of women, with practical solutions.

Balls for Kegel exercises

The pelvic muscles are crucial for the control of the bladder and intestines, for a healthy pregnancy and for the maintenance of the vaginal tone. Common health problems such as incontinence, loss of vaginal or pelvic tone can now be addressed and resolved. Since one in three women suffer from pelvic floor disorders the protection of intimate health is critical.
The balls Laselle for Kegel exercises help to:
• PREVENT and TREAT incontinence;
• PREPARE to a healthy pregnancy;
• RESTORE and RESTORE the strength and tone of the pelvic floor after childbirth;
• INCREASE the sensitivity of both partners during intimate moments.

It is the perfect solution to prevent or overcome the pelvic floor disorders: helps to effectively maintain the tone of the pelvic floor in a convenient, discreet and practical way.

It provides comprehensive and customized training solutions available in 3 weights:
• 28 g LIGHT RESISTANCE, ideal for women with weak pelvic floor or for beginners;
• 38 g RESISTANCE MEDIA, suitable for women who have already performed Kegel exercises without weights;
• 48 g HIGH STRENGTH, perfect for women who have already performed Kegel exercises with weights and for advance training.

It strengthens the pelvic floor at every stage of a woman's life:
 - For women of all ages: PREVENT CARE and incontinence; PREVENTS and REDUCES the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse; It improves the sensitivity and toning REINFORCING.
 - For mothers to be: STRENGTHENS and PREPARE your core muscles for a healthy pregnancy; It helps maintain CONTINENCE during pregnancy; RECOVERY accelerates the pelvic floor after childbirth.
 - For new mothers: Retrieve and RESTORE the tone of the pelvic floor; STRENGTHENS and TONES for greater elasticity.
 - Pre and post menopausal: PREVENT CARE and incontinence; PREVENTS the pelvic organ prolapse and symptoms associated with menopause.


Lily Cup
It is a new generation product for the menstrual cycle: a menstrual cup silicone ULTRA SOFT and REUSABLE. Inspired by nature, the thin and flexible form provides maximum comfort and convenience during the cycle and adapts to the most ABUNDANT flows and for the lighter ones for 12-hour protection.

The intimate care of each woman requires special care and attention which is why The menstrual cup, designed to fit a busy lifestyle, is  becoming the choice of thousands of women. Totally free of chemicals, bleaches or fibers that may cause sensitivity or allergic reactions, Lily Cup is washable and reusable. With Lily Cup not only you save, but likely limit your impact on the environment.

Every woman loves to feel good and safe every day of the month, and that's why Lily Cup is the best alternative to sanitary napkins. HARVESTING rather than to ABSORB menstrual flow, it prevents the menstrual fluid exposed to air, ensuring a ODORLESS cycle. Lily Cup is even more AFFORDABLE and can be used up to 12 hours in a row, without having to be changed regularly.

Every woman lives a different cycle, Lily Cup is available in two sizes. Choosing the right one ensures a better fit and greater protection:
• MEASURE A for women who have not given birth or had a Caesarean section;
• MEASURE B for women who have given birth naturally or have a weak pelvic floor.

Lily Cup is ULTRA FLEXIBLE EXTRA THIN to ensure easy insertion.


KegelSmart is a revolutionary way of doing kegel exercises. Just like a personal trainer, set a series of simple exercises, safe and fully tailor-made for you.

Developed with the support of a Medical Advisory Board, which includes pelvic health experts and Gynecologists, KegelSmart is an innovative device that make it easy to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The evolved version of the spheres for Kegel exercises (Laselle) was created to facilitate the pelvic exercise.

What makes it so intelligent is:
• The measurement of pelvic floor strength (every time you train measures and stores the strength of the pelvic muscles);
• Sets the level automatically (based on the strength of the muscles measured by the KegelSmart, sets the exercises to the level which is best suited for you.
• Program guided by the vibrations

The smart program then automatically changes the level of training so that your strength increases over time. Let KegelSmart guide you.

Contract when it vibrates, rest when it stops; the exclusive program of vibrations will take you through five progressive levels. Easy to use for a complete and effective workout in less than 5 minutes a day. 


 Cosa sono i profumi equivalenti



Equivalent perfumes are the making of olfactory sensations that recall scents of famous brands easily recognized by customers.

The advantages are intuitive, with the minimization of advertising and all that it entails and a more basic and simple packaging combined with a philosophy of production and distribution that aims to save, make these great value products with exceptional value /price.

But do not confuse, the equivalent perfumes are not copies!

The olfactory notes are created in an original way and can be, in many cases, more appreciable than those to which one can refer to identify them and compare.

All the perfumes are mixtures of water, alcohol and essences and the cost of the latter has an impact, the equivalent perfumes are definitely convenient even with very high percentages of essences and olfactory choices among the best quality.

Know your skin type for proper sun protection


 Conosci il tuo fototipo

blond or red hair, light eyes, very fair skin with freckles, extremely sensitive to the sun, it always burns and does not tan.

blond or light brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin, often with freckles, sensitive to the sun, it burns easily and tans with difficulty.
Reduce Esposure in the sun;
Use sunscreen with very high protection factor (SPF 50 + to be applied every two hours and for the entire solar exposure period;
After showering, it recommended use of moisturizers to fight dryness and restore the skin barrier.

Brown hair, blue or brown eyes, brown complexion, can cause sunburn but tans.
Utilize sunscreens with very high protection (SPF 50+) in the first week, always applying them every two hours;
Only after getting a faint tan you can switch to high or medium protection filter (SPF 30 SPF 20);

Blacks or dark brown hair, dark eyes, olive skin or dark, rarely burns and tans easily
Use sunscreens with high protection (SPF 30) in the first week, always applying them every two hours;
Only after getting a faint tan you can move to the medium protection filter (SPF 20 SPF 15).

blacks hair, dark eyes, dark olive complexion, tans intensely.
Use during the first week of sun exposure, sunscreen with medium protection (SPF 20 SPF 15) by applying at least every two hours during the first few days.
Only after getting a faint tan you can move on with lower protection filter (SPF 10 SPF 6);
Use moisturizers daily to restore skin hydration

Hair blacks, blacks eyes, black skin, never burns,
The use of a solar product can be useful to prevent or reduce harmful effects caused by ultraviolet radiation, such as photosensitivity and premature aging of the skin;
The daily use of moisturizers restores skin hydration.

Sunscreen should not be seen as a simple problem during the summer; the sun and sun lamps, are in fact are mainly responsible for our tan, but also the aging of our skin.



cura del bambino

The skin of infants and children in the first years of life is soft, smooth and elastic, in perfect appearance. It is however, very delicate, fragile and defenseless.

Knowledge of its physiological characteristics helps to follow a good hygiene program and care so as to make it grow healthy and well structured.

From the earliest days of life you need to use specific products for children, both for detergency and for the care, such as oils and skin care products.

The baby's skin needs to be treated with care because it is not yet able to create the protective barrier constituted by the hydro-lipid film. At birth, the skin, very thin, and extremely delicate, appears completely covered with a protective membrane, the so-called "vernix" made up of sebum and desquamated cells, which is necessary as protection against maceration caused by amniotic fluid.

After the disappearance of the vernix of the skin is protected, for about three months, by another film made from the secretions of the sebaceous glands, stimulated by maternal hormones. The epidermis of the newborn is rather thin because it has a thickness which is about half of that of an adult. It is therefore not capable of ensuring effective protection against external agents. Consequently they are at greater the risk of problems due to the use of unsuitable cosmetic products.

Only after 6-7 weeks of life the baby's skin is similar, at least from the qualitative point of view, to that of an adult, able to prevent the development of various pathogenic germs.
The fragile infant skin needs constant and adequate protection. Prolonged contact with irritants such as urine, feces, diapers, can determine important issues.

The skin as the baby grows builds several layers, each of which plays a specific role:
Epidermis is the top layer. It 'a fabric often about 0.2 mm, formed by more layers, whose main component is keratin. It is a dynamic tissue that is constantly regenerated and which represents a real barrier against the penetration of external agents.
DERMA is a type of connective tissue, the thickness of 3-4 mm, below the epidermis. It is the structure that gives nourishment to the skin which assures the correct elasticity. The rich in blood and lymphatic vessels of the dermis also contribute to nutrition. Within the dermis develop hair follicles, sweat glands (which secrete sweat) and sebaceous glands. The sebum and sweat together form a thin layer called the epidermis hydrolipidic film, which makes the skin soft, durable and waterproof.

The hypodermis, the deepest layer, basically has the task of protecting organs from trauma and the loss of heat.




Come combattere il caldo estivo

Exposure to high temperatures is an aggression to our body. You risk dehydration or heat stroke.

To better face the heat:
  - Avoid going out and practicing physical activities during the hottest hours of the day;
  - Take a supplement of minerals such as magnesium and potassium, every day;
  - Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables;
  - Avoid preserved fruit juices;
  - Avoid iced drinks;

Often cool off by immersing hands and wrists under running water.