Beyond a centry .... L’Amande

For over a century L'Amande is synonymous with quality in the tradition, the great tradition of Mediterranean soap making. Company uses only the best oils, perfumes and essences of our land, by virtue of specific olfactory and phytocosmetic: olive oil, real gold of the Mediterranean and the sweet almond oil; broom, strawberry, blackberry plants typical of the Mediterranean; honeysuckle and hawthorn that scent the country lanes adorning the typical dry-stone walls; the pitosforo now an integral part of the same landscape of the Riviera and many others. Scents and sensations of a land where the sea breeze blends with the warm notes sometimes flowery, sometimes as much fruit of a generous nature in every season, where plants, herbs and flowers fill paths, hills and even cliffs.

L'Amande has formulations specific for male skin, supplemented by extracts of juniper, coriander, basil and saffron, wild plants present in our country from the flavoring properties, purifying and toning.

Rich in delicate vegetable ingredients, help to keep the skin hydrated and supple skin, preventing aging of the skin. They also offer a perfect shave and a scented detergent giving relaxing moments.

Zafferano, the first L'Amande line entirely dedicated to men, with natural extracts of saffron and basil from toning and biodinamizzanti, is proposed with a modern packaging with warm orange and blue hues.

The fragrance, decidedly masculine though not classic, is rich and round thanks to the citrus notes of mandarin and lemon head that stand out on a lightly floral bouquet center. Complete it the most intense base notes of teak wood and wood, musk and amber.

Formulated with quality ingredients is a line indicated for cleansing and shaving of all skin types, even the most delicate.

L'Amande Homme line does not contain SLS / SLES.


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