Wellbeing involves all aspects of life


The word wellbeing has the meaning of  "feel good" or "right to exist", and by its nature characterizes the quality of a person's life.

Today it is essential not only to monitor the absence of disease but an overall state of good physical health, mental and physical. "Offerte Bellezza & Salute" has selected the best products for the maintenance of psychological well-being, health foods, diet, for cholesterol, triglycerides, nutritional supplements and vitamins, menopause, andropause, hair lose, dermatitis, acne, prostate more, all at competitive prices, choose the category.

Bimbi Helan Pasta Lenitiva offerta

€12.00 €15.00

Bimbi Helan Pasta Lenitiva

Soothing cream to treat maceration phenomena and cracking in the inguinal folds of the ski...

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Bimbi Helan Pasta Protettiva

€9.60 €12.00

Bimbi Helan Pasta Protettiva

Pasta Protettiva formulata e realizzata espressamente per formare un’efficace barriera con...

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Bimbi Helan Salviette Detergenti 60pz offerta

€6.00 €7.50

Bimbi Helan Salviette Detergen...

Fresh and natural cleansers, alcohol-free and fragrance-free. Particularly delicate cleans...

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Bracco Cebion Immuno Pro 10fl 10ml

€10.35 €11.50

Bracco Cebion Immuno Pro 10fl ...

Food supplement based on vitamin C, zinc, and probiotics Lactobacillus Rhamnosus SP1, spec...

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Cerumina Spray 15Ml

€8.28 €9.20

Cerumina Spray 15Ml

Sprays for earwax cap dissolution / prevention for the restoration and maintenance of the ...

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DECLÉOR Arom Sculpt Retail offerta


DECLÉOR Arom Sculpt Retail

Serum rich in Essential Oils of Helichrysum, Rose, Camomile, Lemongrass, Lemon, Grapefruit...

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DECLÉOR Arom Serum Drainant Minceur


DECLÉOR Arom Serum Drainant Mi...

AROMESSENCE SLIM EFFECT with a high concentration of essential oils, is specifically formu...

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DECLÉOR Baume Slim Effect 50ml offerta


DECLÉOR Baume Slim Effect 50ml

BAUME SLIM EFFECT with a high concentration of essential oils, is specifically formulated ...

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DECLÉOR Creme Revelatrice Jeunesse Corps offerta


DECLÉOR Creme Revelatrice Jeun...

Global anti-aging cream, combines a cocktail of Essential Oils and Vegetable with firming ...

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DECLÉOR Excellene De L'age Aromessence offerta sconto 25%


DECLÉOR Excellene De L'age Aro...

Serum Global Anti-age body is the perfect synergy of Essential Oils and Plant specially se...

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DECLÉOR Gel-Crema Rondeurs  Localisees Retail


DECLÉOR Gel-Crema Rondeurs Lo...

Highly concentrated slimming treatment Lipo-cellulor complex with caffeine and Essential O...

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DECLÉOR Perfect Sculpt Jeunesse 200ml


DECLÉOR Perfect Sculpt Jeuness...

By stimulating the skin's vitality, this precious treatment helps to combat the main cause...

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DECLÉOR Relax Intense Gommage Graines


DECLÉOR Relax Intense Gommage ...

Inspired by our aromatic rituals offered at the spa, Relax Intense range offers all the be...

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DECLÉOR Spa Tonic Soint 100ml offerta


DECLÉOR Spa Tonic Soint 100ml

Distinctive original fresh and revitalizing fragrance that combines the olfactory charm of...


€4.55 €7.00

Durex Contatto Comfort 4 Pezzi

Condoms made of natural rubber latex, transparent and lubricated.

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€8.91 €9.90

Durex Massage 2in1 200ml

Gel lubricant to massage 2 in 1 with Aloe Vera.

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€8.91 €9.90

Durex Massage Sensual 200ml

Sensual Massage 2in1 Gel Lubricant is sensual, silky and contains Ylang Ylang.

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