Slimming products

Slimming Products


Section dedicated to slimming products, we have selected for you products that can make you lose and maintain the right weight.


Satiating food supplements and burns fat and calories specially designed for those who need to lose weight and stay in shape. The fillers are designed to give a sense of satiety in such a way as not to be brought in because Magyar already satiated. To use but after a big meal the burning fat and calories in order to have a better weight control. supplements draining, purifying and deflated belly, a wide choice of food supplements based on natural extracts that give a feeling of well-being. The draining increase diuresis favoring the drainage of fluids. The purification limit the sense of eliminating toxins from the body swelling. To have a flat stomach and eliminate bloating the belly deflates. meal replacements like bars, biscuits, snacks, perfect products that anyone who wants to keep in shape without sacrificing taste.

Drenax Forte Pancia Piatta Paladin Pharma

€13.40 €14.90

Drenax Forte Pancia Piatta Pal...

Flat Belly Drenax Forte is a food supplement that contributes to the normal physiological ...

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LDF Glucostop 40 Compresse


LDF Glucostop 40 Compresse

Food supplement containing Gymnema, Cinnamon and Zinc.

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