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Bimbi Helan Accappatoio Cotone offerta

€9.60 €12.00

Bimbi Helan Accappatoio Cotone

he bathrobe for bathtime "Snowflake Cotton" LINE CHILDREN HELAN is made with a lightweight...

Bimbi Helan Amido Di Riso Profumato offerta

€8.40 €10.50

Bimbi Helan Amido Di Riso Prof...

Particularly soft and soothing, prevents maceration phenomena in the inguinal folds keepin...

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Bimbi Helan Detergente Senza Sapone Pan Di Mais offerta

€4.40 €5.50

Bimbi Helan Detergente Senza S...

Soap-free cleanser that respects the delicate physiological balance of baby's skin.

Bimbi Helan Pasta Lenitiva offerta

€12.00 €15.00

Bimbi Helan Pasta Lenitiva

Soothing cream to treat maceration phenomena and cracking in the inguinal folds of the ski...

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