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The effectiveness of the therapy is based on MY MOBILITAS of foam ribs contained in a permeable fabric to air, the Mobitex.

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Manufacturer: MY BENEFIT 

This special highly flexible fabric in the length, width and depth, allows to roll parts of the body in a structure similar to human skin. When the fabric is in contact with the skin, the foam ribs enliven their elasticity, alternating pressure phases in relaxation phases, giving origin to a massage that determines an obvious muscle relaxation and a measurable increase in blood circulation.
INDICATIONS knee pains (arthritis) are caused by wear of the cartilage, by injuries and other diseases. Patients suffering from years of osteoarthritis can eliminate pain with knee tutors MY MOBILITAS that are worn during the night. The knee bands should always be worn in pairs to obtain a better therapeutic effect, thanks to the coupling reagent, by the action of arc reflection of the spinal cord and to protect the healthy articulation whose correct posture is compromised. The knee bands are worn like socks and belt with Velcro.
THERAPEUTIC FUNCTIONS The micro-massage generated by the ribs improves blood circulation and metabolism of muscle tissue, allowing the lymphatic system to accelerate the removal of harmful metabolic products.

Indicated for the treatment of:
post sports stage;
Lesions of the meniscus and ligaments;
Swelling and congestion;
Phase post injury;
Post-operative phase (stent);
Sports injuries.

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