Born in 1974 by a group of experts in the spa industry Declèor which originally was called Cleor (which is the name of the golden key that opens the temple of beauty). The concept behind Declèor is to merge the beauty of the body and spirit for total wellness . The initial team was original a beautician, a doctor, a shiatsu teacher and a physiotherapist-aromatherapist, a pioneer in the field.

100% natural, no preservatives and dyes. The so-called Aromessence have a huge success ultra-active serums to be applied before your daily care.

Research continues continuosly enriching their knowledge using new plant species, to externalize the most active olfactory molecules: essential oils.

Decléor essential oils are the subject of many quality controls such as chromatography which allows you to scientifically test the chemical profile.

Facial creams by Decléor are made with natural substances and not aggressive and completely avoid harmful substances; It is part of the philosophy of Decléor to use natural substances and not pollute the environment. The facial creams are designed for every age and time of day; to combat laxity and aging with more elements to nourish the skin even during the night just when the skin rests and regenerates. Important factors of a leading cosmetics producer.

DECLÉOR Lait Hydratant Fps15 150ml


DECLÉOR Lait Hydratant Fps15 1...

A vital skin and loads of energy is better prepared to receive the sun's rays and guarante...

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DECLÉOR Life Radiance Crème Double Eclat 30


DECLÉOR Life Radiance Crème Do...

A glowing skin is a healthy skin. innovative formulation: for the first time DECLÉOR assoc...

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DECLÉOR Life Radiance cure d'energie vitaminee


DECLÉOR Life Radiance cure d'e...

Intensive treatment, excellent supplement hydration and luminosity to be carried out in ju...

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DECLÉOR Masque 2en1 Purif&Oxyg offerta


DECLÉOR Masque 2en1 Purif&Oxyg

A skin naturally rich in sebum needs to breathe and to be rebalanced. DECLÉOR has drawn fr...

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DECLÉOR Masque Expert Ultra-Hydratant&Repulpant


DECLÉOR Masque Expert Ultra-Hy...

Mask enriched with hyaluronic acid is a bath of hydration for the most thirsty skins. Crea...

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DECLÉOR Masque Flash Eclat 50ml offerta


DECLÉOR Masque Flash Eclat 50m...

An intensive treatment with enhanced effect that contains a complex of fruit acids (AHA).

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DECLÉOR Masque Gel-Creme Lacte Reconfortant


DECLÉOR Masque Gel-Creme Lacte...

This high tolerance mask with a fresh texture, velvety and pleasantly rich in water, is in...

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DECLÉOR Mousse Raser 200ml offerta


DECLÉOR Mousse Raser 200ml

Daily treatment with Essential Oils ideal for smooth and comfortable shave.

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DECLÉOR Perfect Sculpt Jeunesse 200ml


DECLÉOR Perfect Sculpt Jeuness...

By stimulating the skin's vitality, this precious treatment helps to combat the main cause...

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DECLÉOR Prolagene Lift Cure Intense Lift  Jeunesse

€0.00 €65.00

DECLÉOR Prolagene Lift Cure In...

It is in 1974 that DECLÉOR discovers the secret of the tone: the L-PROLINE Complex. Associ...

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DECLÉOR Purete Exfoliant 50ml


DECLÉOR Purete Exfoliant 50ml

Decleor Aroma Cleanse Purete Creme Lissante Micro-Exfoliating

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DECLÉOR Relax Intense Gommage Graines


DECLÉOR Relax Intense Gommage ...

Inspired by our aromatic rituals offered at the spa, Relax Intense range offers all the be...

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DECLÉOR Relax Intense Olio Doccia offerta


DECLÉOR Relax Intense Olio Doc...

Shower oil transforms into a silky mousse to gently cleanse the skin.

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DECLÉOR Soin Yeux Lift Eclat 15ml


DECLÉOR Soin Yeux Lift Eclat 1...

Treatment for the eye contour, with protective Iris Essential Oil, combines an applicator ...

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DECLÉOR Spa Tonic Soint 100ml offerta


DECLÉOR Spa Tonic Soint 100ml

Distinctive original fresh and revitalizing fragrance that combines the olfactory charm of...