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Nutrition and good habits, this one can summarize the physical well-being, it is not to have a perfect line but that the body functions best potential. The power in all this is very important to limit saturated fats sweets and taking more vitamins. A good habit is to make the movement, for physical activity is not always necessary to join a gym to do fitness, regular walking can suffice maybe briskly once a day for 30 minutes and is affected in a positive mood also.

Picture of Bagno Schiuma Zafferano L'AMANDE HOMME


Bagno Schiuma Zafferano L'AMAN...

Bagno Schiuma agli estratti di Zafferano e Basilico con proprietà tonificanti e biodinamiz...

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Picture of Balm After Shave Zafferano L'AMANDE HOMME


Balm After Shave Zafferano L'A...

Balm after shave with natural extracts of saffron and basil with nourishing, softening and...

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Bioma Reset 30 capsule BIOMALI...

indicato come agente detossificante e come riequilibrante della flora batterica intestinal...

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Picture of Deo Spray Zafferano L'AMANDE HOMME


Deo Spray Zafferano L'AMANDE H...

Deodorant spray with saffron and basil extracts, ideal for sensitive skin, alcohol free.

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Deprenans Paladin Reserch 30 perle

€17.90 €19.90

Deprenans Paladin Reserch 30 p...

PALADIN RESEARCH DEPRENANS is a food supplement used to promote normal mood, it contribute...

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Drenax Forte Pancia Piatta Paladin Pharma

€13.40 €14.90

Drenax Forte Pancia Piatta Pal...

Flat Belly Drenax Forte is a food supplement that contributes to the normal physiological ...

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Picture of Eau De Parfum Zafferano L'AMANDE HOMME


Eau De Parfum Zafferano L'AMAN...

Men's rich and round scent composed by citrus notes of lemon and mandarin head, exotic tea...

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Eubarriera 20 bustine idrosolu...

Food supplement with glutamine, Boswellia, Nucleotides, Vine, Zinc and Vitamin B2. Profit ...

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Helan Vaniglia Oolong Shampoo ...

Shampoo Doccia Profumato corpo e capelli rivitalizzante e rigenerante

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Helan Vaniglia Verveine Eau de...

Una composizione olfattiva generosa dove si fondono fiori, frutti e raffinate essenze arom...

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Helan Vaniglia Verveine gel Ba...

Gel Bagno Doccia profumato corpo e capelli

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LactoDIS.CINIL Buste


LactoDIS.CINIL Buste

LactoDis.Cinil is a dietary supplement that helps regulate the bowel. It contains fibers a...

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LDF Ecogermina


LDF Ecogermina 10 Flaconcini

LDF Ecogermina is a dietary supplement of lactic ferments, vitamins and fiber, useful to r...

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Picture of LDF PsylloLax - Regolass 20 Buste


LDF PsylloLax - Regolass 20 Bu...

Food Supplement to the Base PSYLLIUM that favors the regularity of bowel movements.

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Picture of LDF VirJet 20 compresse


LDF VirJet 20 compresse

VirJet is a dietary supplement with tonic-aphrodisiac and stimulant properties

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Picture of After shave lotion Alcoholic Saffron AMANDE HOMME


After shave lotion Alcoholic S...

After Shave Lotion, refreshing and invigorating action. For a feeling of wellbeing through...

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€20.00 €25.00

Massaggio Cervicale + Coppetta...

Il Trattamento cervicale indicato per distendere la muscolatura, alleviare i dolori e le c...

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Master-Aid TECH PRO Misuratore di Pressione

€50.00 €70.00

Master-Aid TECH PRO Misuratore...

Pressure Arm Meter Automatic

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