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Amande is part of Gavarry group it is an old company from Marseille, producer of soaps with the antique Marseilles method. Currently The Amandee is among the best companies specializing in natural cosmetics also producing body creams, sun creams, cleansers, shampoos and conditioners, shower gel, shaving cream and after shave lotions.

The L'Amande products are characterized by the use of natural ingredients such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, wisteria, gardenia, freesia, strawberry and so on. Marseille perfumes that leave the skin a sweet and delicate smell.

Product Lines by L’Amande

L’Amande Aromatique

L’Amande Homme

L’Amande Eco Bio

L’Amande Enfant

L’Amande Solari

L’Amande Visage. 

Picture of Balm After Shave Zafferano L'AMANDE HOMME


Balm After Shave Zafferano L'A...

Balm after shave with natural extracts of saffron and basil with nourishing, softening and...

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Picture of Deo Spray Zafferano L'AMANDE HOMME


Deo Spray Zafferano L'AMANDE H...

Deodorant spray with saffron and basil extracts, ideal for sensitive skin, alcohol free.

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Picture of Eau De Parfum Zafferano L'AMANDE HOMME


Eau De Parfum Zafferano L'AMAN...

Men's rich and round scent composed by citrus notes of lemon and mandarin head, exotic tea...

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Picture of After shave lotion Alcoholic Saffron AMANDE HOMME


After shave lotion Alcoholic S...

After Shave Lotion, refreshing and invigorating action. For a feeling of wellbeing through...

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Picture of Shaving Foam Saffron AMANDE HOMME


Shaving Foam Saffron AMANDE HO...

Shaving foam with basil and saffron extracts, soft and creamy foam, makes it easier to sha...

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L'Amande Enfant Acqua Profumata

€12.60 €14.00

L'Amande Enfant Acqua Profumat...

Perfumed Water refreshes and perfumes the skin of infants and children keeping it soft and...

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L'Amande Enfant Bagno Crema Delicato

€9.81 €10.90

L'Amande Enfant Bagno Crema De...

Gently cleanses the delicate skin of infants and children, leaving it soft and hydrated. I...

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L'Amande Enfant Crema Fluida

€9.81 €10.90

L'Amande Enfant Crema Fluida

Delicate cream for the treatment of infants and children skin.

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L'Amande Enfant Crema Solare 50+

From €14.94

L'Amande Enfant Crema Solare 5...

SUN CREAM 50+ sunscreen with a very high protection factor, specific to the very delicate...

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L'Amande Enfant Detergente Liquido Delicato

€9.90 €11.00

L'Amande Enfant Detergente Liq...

Specific neutral detergent for the daily care of babies and children. Ideal for the hygien...

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L'Amande Enfant Latte Doposole

€13.50 €15.00

L'Amande Enfant Latte Doposole

After-sun milk formulated to moisturize and nourish the skin of children after exposure to...

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L'Amande Enfant Latte Solare 30+

€15.30 €17.00

L'Amande Enfant Latte Solare 3...

High Protection Sun Cream, specifically for the very delicate skin of children.

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L'Amande Enfant Olio Emolliente 150ml

€9.45 €10.50

L'Amande Enfant Olio Emollient...

Specially designed to feed the babies and children's skin making it soft and velvety thank...

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L'Amande Enfant Pane Detergente Vegetale

€3.51 €3.90

L'Amande Enfant Pane Detergent...

Specially formulated for children's delicate skin, gently cleanses leaving it soft and lig...

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L'Amande Enfant Pasta Protettiva

€9.45 €10.50

L'Amande Enfant Pasta Protetti...

Specific protective paste for the prevention and treatment of skin redness in the diaper a...

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L'Amande Enfant Salviettine Detergenti 12 pezzi

€4.95 €5.50

L'Amande Enfant Salviettine De...

Wipes soft tissue to gently cleanse the baby's bottom of infants and children before chang...

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L'Amande Enfant Shampoo Doccia Doposole

€11.70 €13.00

L'Amande Enfant Shampoo Doccia...

Shampoo Shower delicate neutral pH. Particularly suitable for the baby shower after a day ...

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