Cosmetics and face cure for men and women

The face is one of the most important parts of our body from the point of view of aesthetics and health, also for the presence of important and sensitive parts such as eyes and mouth. In society it is as the face has a key role, have a clean face, nice and neat is very important every day and in every circumstance. In the face section Offers Beauty & Health will find the best brands for men and women, all that you need according to different requirements of age. What will you find here? Moisturizers for oily and dry skin, anti-wrinkle products, against dark circles, against skin blemishes. For younger products to fight pimples, acne and redness. For the treatment of male cosmetics person after shave, after shave lotions, shaving foam and refreshing creams. Products designed to combat localized alopecia and redness caused by germs and weathering. Many products for the beauty of the woman, cosmetics brand for cleaning and care of the face, oils, cleansing milks and creams, gels, scrubs, micellar water, scrub. specific products for removing makeup, remove make-up eyes.

Picture of Attivo Cellule Staminali BIOKLORY


Attivo Cellule Staminali BIOKL...

Crema a base di Cellule staminali ad azione rigenerante per una pelle più tonica ed elasti...

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Picture of Attivo Siero di Vipera BIOKLORY


Attivo Siero di Vipera BIOKLOR...

Crema a base di Veleno di Vipera capace di rallentare la formazione di rughe d'espressione...

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Picture of Crema Corpo Idratante BIOKLORY


Crema Corpo Idratante BIOKLORY

Crema idratante e nutriente con proprietà elasticizzanti, dona luminosità e bellezza per u...

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Helan Vaniglia Oolong Crema Pr...

Crema profumata setificante, idratante ed elasticizzante.

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Olio Neem Organics PHARM

Olio di Azadirachta indaca puro al 98% ad elevata azione antibatterica e lenitiva.

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Picture of Ossigeno Cosmetico VL1 trattamento 10 min

€15.00 €23.00

Ossigeno Cosmetico VL1 trattam...

trattamento ossigeno cosmetico con fiala di acido ialuronico, effetto lifting ed anti-age...

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Canova Idrapil Tb Emulsione Protezione Viso 50 ml


Canova Idrapil Tb Emulsione Pr...

Moisturizer, soothing, protective and stimulating cell turnover. Particularly recommended ...

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DECLÉOR Arom Baume Night Essentiel Neroli 15ml offerta


DECLÉOR Arom Baume Night Essen...

DECLÉOR has created a tailor-made treatment for the skin exposed to daily stress that work...

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DECLÉOR Arom Baume Night Purifiant Ylang 15ml offerta


DECLÉOR Arom Baume Night Purif...

DECLÉOR night cream - at night, skin has biological changes. its in the night hours, in fa...

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DECLÉOR Arom Baume Nuit Regenerant Excellence 30ml offerta


DECLÉOR Arom Baume Nuit Regene...

This balm from global anti-aging properties at night, from the soft and delicious texture,...

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DECLÉOR Arom Iris 15ml offerta


DECLÉOR Arom Iris 15ml

Serum rich in Essential Oils Manuka, Lemongrass, Geranium, Rose, Iris Essence Concentrate ...

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DECLÉOR Arom Night Regenerante 50ml


DECLÉOR Arom Night Regenerante...

Anti-aging treatment, the velvety texture, acts on the skin overnight.

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DECLÉOR Arom Night Rides 50ml offerta


DECLÉOR Arom Night Rides 50ml

DECLÉOR has selected some extraordinary active ingredients that follow the day-night cycle...

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DECLÉOR Arom Serum Activateur Bronzage 100ml

From €42.04

DECLÉOR Arom Serum Activateur ...

Tan activator serum AROMESSENCE SLIM EFFECT with a high concentration of essential oils, i...

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DECLÉOR Arom Serum Excellence 15ml offerta


DECLÉOR Arom Serum Excellence ...

Serum-based essential oils and complex Sol-Collagenine, acts on all the signs of aging.

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DECLÉOR Arom Serum Triple Action offerta


DECLÉOR Arom Serum Triple Acti...

A treatment with essential oils, 100% natural, to have a smooth skin and cleansed.

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DECLÉOR Arom Ylang Ylang 15ml offerta


DECLÉOR Arom Ylang Ylang 15ml

Purifying Serum. 100% natural, non-greasy to the touch this serum ensures a real improveme...

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