DECLÉOR Aromess Baume Angelique 15ml

DECLÉOR Aromess Baume Angelique 15ml offerta
Night cream DECLÉOR tailor treatment for dry skin.

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Manufacturer: DECLÉOR

During the night, the skin biological rhythm changes. It is precisely in the night hours, in fact, that the cells activate a repair and regeneration process.
To foster this natural process, DECLÉOR created a tailored treatment for dry skin.

100% natural, this ointment with a velvety texture and delicious:
  - It encourages skin nourishing exchanges (Essential oils of Rosemary and Geranium);
  - Generously it softens and nourishes dry and very dry skin (Essential Oils of Camomile and Angelica, Vegetable oils Avocado, Borage and Red Palm).

Result: On awakening, the skin is smooth, supple and toned.

Application: in the evening, heat an ointment nut in the palm of the hands and apply with light, gentle face and neck after thorough cleansing.