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A hard day or a lot of physical exercise? Avoid lapses in tone and alleviates signs of fatigue, to do it, there are many products applied on areas that we feel tired.

You can find here oils and creams anti-fatigue to recover tone, eliminate the signs of aging and keep in good shape. Many also care products leg: gel with natural ingredients to maintain wellness that avoid muscle heaviness and swelling and also strengthened the vein walls. To take with you always, cosmetic spray menthol, which stimulates the circulation and leaves a nice smell, refresh and bring relief to tired parts. It tones the legs and breast with functional dermal creams that also firming action and are suitable for all skin types, also offer preventive action to blemishes. Gel working on the reactivation of the microcirculation of the skin with a draining effect that favor the release of excess fluid and localized accumulations of fat that cause blemishes. toning creams suitable for the whole body suitable for the abdomen, arms and hips and easily absorbed. These products give the elasticity and tone fabrics, are ideal for fighting localized fat deposits thanks to the active ingredients they use. Also suitable after sports, massage oils for the whole body for maximum relaxation. Also bath oils or with environmental release through the evaporators and radiators.

Picture of Bagno Schiuma Zafferano L'AMANDE HOMME


Bagno Schiuma Zafferano L'AMAN...

Bagno Schiuma agli estratti di Zafferano e Basilico con proprietà tonificanti e biodinamiz...

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Picture of Crema Corpo Idratante BIOKLORY


Crema Corpo Idratante BIOKLORY

Crema idratante e nutriente con proprietà elasticizzanti, dona luminosità e bellezza per u...

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Picture of Crema Intensiva Addome e Fianchi BIOKLORY


Crema Intensiva Addome e Fianc...

Trattamento rimodellante e tonificante addome e fianchi a doppia azione.

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Picture of FERMENTIfluid JUNIOR



Integratore alimentare di fermenti lattici ( L.rhamnous, B. Lactis e L. plantarum), succo ...

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Helan Vaniglia Oolong Crema Pr...

Crema profumata setificante, idratante ed elasticizzante.

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Helan Vaniglia Oolong Shampoo ...

Shampoo Doccia Profumato corpo e capelli rivitalizzante e rigenerante

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Helan Vaniglia Verveine Eau de...

Una composizione olfattiva generosa dove si fondono fiori, frutti e raffinate essenze arom...

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Helan Vaniglia Verveine gel Ba...

Gel Bagno Doccia profumato corpo e capelli

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Helan Vaniglia Verveine Latte ...

Latte corpo idratante e setificante profumato

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LDF Teatree Oil Gocce 20ml


LDF Teatree Oil Gocce 20ml

Laboratory of Pharmacy - a dietary supplement formulated with essential oil of Melaleuca a...

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Olio Neem Organics PHARM

Olio di Azadirachta indaca puro al 98% ad elevata azione antibatterica e lenitiva.

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Picture of Ossigeno Cosmetico VL1 trattamento 10 min

€15.00 €23.00

Ossigeno Cosmetico VL1 trattam...

trattamento ossigeno cosmetico con fiala di acido ialuronico, effetto lifting ed anti-age...

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Picture of Sazio complex per il trattamento del sovrappeso e dell'obesità


Sazio complex per il trattamen...

Dispositivo medico per il trattamento del sovreso e dell'obesità

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Picture of Scrub Corpo esfoliante BIOKLORY


Scrub Corpo esfoliante BIOKLOR...

Trattamento esfoliante per il corpo, grazie all'azione degli oli vegetali nutre ed idrata ...

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DECLÉOR Arom Sculpt Retail offerta


DECLÉOR Arom Sculpt Retail

Serum rich in Essential Oils of Helichrysum, Rose, Camomile, Lemongrass, Lemon, Grapefruit...

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DECLÉOR Arom Serum Drainant Minceur


DECLÉOR Arom Serum Drainant Mi...

AROMESSENCE SLIM EFFECT with a high concentration of essential oils, is specifically formu...

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DECLÉOR Baume Slim Effect 50ml offerta


DECLÉOR Baume Slim Effect 50ml

BAUME SLIM EFFECT with a high concentration of essential oils, is specifically formulated ...

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DECLÉOR Creme Revelatrice Jeunesse Corps offerta


DECLÉOR Creme Revelatrice Jeun...

Global anti-aging cream, combines a cocktail of Essential Oils and Vegetable with firming ...

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