Alginato e Carbonato TEVA

Alginato e Carbonato TEVA
Alginate and carbonate TEVA reduces gastroesophageal reflux, relieves states of hyperacidity, protects the gastric mucosa..

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Alginate and carbonate Teva is a medical device useful for combating gastroesophageal reflux and related feelings of heartburn and heaviness in the stomach; It allows you to control the states of gastric hyperacidity, preventing heartburn and stomach pains. It can be a useful adjuvant also in the case of gastritis, in the cases indicated by the doctor. The beneficial effect of the product is independent of the cause or origin of the problem.

The Aginato and carbonate Teva contains an association of substances between their different that act synergistically in the gastric.
The alginic acid and sodium alginate are polysaccharides that are extracted from certain types of algae. These substances, when they are in the environment of the stomach acid, forming a viscous gel, able to adhere to the mucosa of the stomach, protecting it from the states of hyperacidity. The combination of these substances with sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate allows to buffer the gastric acidity. In addition, the carbonates react with the contents in the stomach, forming small bubbles of carbon dioxide, which are mixed with the alginate gels. In this way, the gel becomes more foamy and floats on the stomach contents, hampering the upward movement (reflux).

Adults and adolescents from 12 years: take two tablets after each main meal. Tablets should be chewed. Then you can drink a glass of water.

Each tablet contains: Sodium alginate, alginic acid, sodium bicarbonate, Calcium carbonate. Excipients: Mannitol, Sucralose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium stearate vegetable, glycerol behenate; Flavors: Ginger extract, ginger essential oil, Lemon, Mint.
Side effects
In addition to cases of intolerance to the active substances or to any excipient, the only known side effects could be the onset of constipation or diarrhea transitional. In case of side effects other than those listed or persistent, discontinue trattamentoe seek medical advice.

Interactions with Drugs & Supplements
Although there are no known specific interactions, all medications, supplements and other supplements, including homeopathic, should be ingested at least two hours before or two hours after the use of alginate and carbonate Teva, because of its viscous nature.
The medical device may delay or reduce the absorption of drugs administered concurrently, for this reason, you should ask your doctor or pharmacist if you were to take the drugs, along with the product (such as in the case of birth control pills).
Storage conditions
Store at controlled room temperature (25 ° C). Do not take this product if the tablet is damaged before use. Keep this product out of reach of children.

Warnings and Contraindications
The product can be used continuously, but after a month of use, it is recommended to discontinue treatment for at least 7 days. The product can also be used occasionally by teenagers between 12 and 18 years.
Each tablet is to be out of the box only immediately before taking. Do not take if the tablet is not intact.
The product is contraindicated in cases of intolerance to any component of the product, with alginates or their derivatives; in people with chronic constipation or diarrhea, kidney disease or chronic heart failure.
The product should not be taken during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.